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Cookies and similar technologies

On our website, we use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with the best possible service and optimize our online business. These technologies offer us the opportunity to store information, and access information stored, on your device (such as PC, tablet or smartphone). The information that can be transmitted by a cookie, over the use of our website, can be transferred to the own secured servers or to the servers of a third party. Cookies and similar technologies, such as pixels, beacons, local storage and JavaScript (hereinafter: “cookies”) can be placed directly by us, but also via third parties for the following purposes: 

  • to enable us remembering your preferences and the proper functioning of our website (strictly necessary and functional cookies);
  • to generate overall statistics and gain insight into the use of our website by the public in order to optimize our website and services (performance cookies);
  • to make the internet offer more interesting for you by displaying advertisements on our and other websites that fit your interests based on your click and surf behavior (advertising and targeting cookies);
  • to offer you the possibility to share information on our website via the different social media channels (social media cookies).

When will we ask for your consent?

Some cookies we use, are strictly necessary for the proper functioning of our website. Since these are essential and do not have any privacy related impact, we may use these cookies without your prior consent. For the use of all other types cookies we will ask your consent prior to using these technologies.

First and third-party cookies

There is a distinction between first- and third-party cookies. First party cookies are set by the website you are currently visiting. Third-party cookies are not set by us, but by third parties and from their domain. For example, when you use social media content sharing buttons, the platform you share the content on (i.e. Facebook) may set a cookie from their domain and use the information collected through it, for their own purposes. This means that we do not have any control over these third-party cookies. If you do not wish to have third party cookies on your device, you can block and remove these through your browser settings. For this, please see your browser manual. Keep in mind that turning off third party cookies, may impact some functionalities on our website.

What cookies do we use on our website?

For the above-mentioned purposes, we, and third-parties use the following cookies:

Table of first party cookies
TOOL/service Type DESCRIPTION Name/type of cookies EXPIRY
Optimizely Performance

These cookies are set by us when we are using the service offered by Optimizely. This service enables us to test the effectiveness of different versions of our website and/or content (A/B-testing). The cookies which are set may record your surf and click behavior and other activity. One of the cookies contains a unique identifier in order to make sure the same experience is shown to the same group of test subjects. Please check the Optimizely privacy statement for more information.
You can opt-out here.

optimizelyPendingLogEvents, optimizelyEndUserId, optimizelySegments, optimizelyBuckets, optimizelyPPID

From session to ten years

Google Analytics Performance

We use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google. Google Analytics uses "cookies" that allows us to analyze the use of our website and to compile reports on website activity and internet usage. For this purpose, Google collects data advertisement views, your browser information, date and time and duration of your visit, demographic data and page views, but also your pseudonymized IP-address which means the last three digits of your IP-address are removed before it is transferred to Google.
You can prevent collection and storage of data by Google Analytics by installing the Browser Add-on Google offers here.

_gat_UA-{uniek nummer}
From session to ten years
Mouseflow Performance

We use Mouseflow as an analytics tool that tracks clicks/touches, mouse movement, scroll, keystroke, and other meta data.  For the purpose of improving our online business, this service helps us measure and analyze your online behavior, to customize your browsing experience and for analytics and metrics both on our website and other media.
Please check the Mouseflow privacy statement for more information.  You can opt-out here.

mf_# From session to one year
Drupal Essential

This cookie is used to check whether your device has JavaScript enabled.

has_js Session
Table of third party cookies
Google/DoubleClick Advertising/tracking

For online advertising we use the Google service DoubleClick to help us measure and improve the effectiveness of our online marketing campaigns. Please see the Google privacy policy for more information. You can opt-out here.

YouTube Social media

On some pages of our website we embed YouTube content. When you click on the player, YouTube may set some cookies. These cookies will primarily be used to store your preferences and help YouTube determine the desired bandwidth. Please see the Google privacy policy for more information.

Facebook Social media

On some pages we have the Facebook Like button integrated. When you use this button, Facebook may set cookies on your device. For more information, please see the Facebook privacy policy.

Twitter Social media

One some pages we have the Twitter social media integration activated (re-tweet). When you use these buttons, Twitter may set cookies on your device. For more information, please see the Twitter privacy policy. You can always change your Twitter privacy settings in your account.

Please note that the information in this document changes over time, depending on our actual use of cookies.

How to control your cookies

You can prevent the placement of cookies by adjusting the settings on your browser (see your browser Help for how to do this). Be aware that disabling cookies will affect the functionality of this and many other websites that you visit. Disabling cookies will usually result in also disabling some functionality and certain features of this website. Therefore, it is recommended not to disable cookies.

Removal of cookies

Most cookies have an expiration date. This means, that they will automatically expire after a certain period and no longer register any data concerning your visit of the website. Another option is to remove the cookies manually before the expiration data. In order to do this, please consult the instruction manual of your browser.

Your rights

Since through the use of cookies (in most cases) personal information is being processed, such as your (pseudonymized) IP-address or another unique identifier, and your online click behavior, we have to address you on the several rights you have regarding your privacy. This includes for example the right you have to withdraw your prior given consent for the use of cookies. For more information about all your rights, we would like to refer you to our Privacy Policy.

Contact and company details

If you have any complaints about the way we process your personal information, we are glad to help you out. If you have any questions about privacy, you can contact us through the contact details mentioned below, but also through our social media channels.

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Chamber of Commerce: 37094070

Data Protection Officer

Name: Daniëlle G. van Koert – Bakker MSc. CSCP
Function: Data Protection Officer (DPO)
Company: Royal Boon Edam International B.V.

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