Improving the Passenger Experience

Despite the current state of the global economy, the mid- to long-term outlook for the air travel industry is positive. Passenger numbers are projected to grow and more than double by 2030. This will undoubtedly cause capacity issues at airports. Smart solutions and improvements in the processes at an airport can improve efficiency and the passenger experience at the same time.


High Capacity Solutions

All airports have a secure and none-secure side, also known respectively as airside and landside. Revolving doors situated landside should have the flexibility to address the many challenges that airports face regarding peaks and lows of traffic. High-capacity doors allow for comfortable throughput in and out of the main terminal while still making allowance for comfortable movement with trollies, suitcases and pushchairs. There are an array of multi-purpose and versatile revolving doors with some even being manufactured to transform into a standard sliding door set. This configuration enables users to walk through at a faster pace - helping to alleviate frustrating and potentially costly congestion.

Climate Control

Maintaining a comfortable temperature in the airport is not only important to the comfort and user-experience of your visitors, but it is also a critical consideration when it comes to sustainability. Revolving doors function of the concept of ‘always closed, always open’ which ensures that outside temperatures (very hot or very cold) should not influence the interior temperature. Airports cater for a broad spectrum of the general public and mid-zone areas where activities such as smoking also need to be sectioned off to avoid contamination with the general public spaces.

The Benefits of a Boon Edam Airport Entrance

  • Premium material and attention to detail
  • High capacity doors to cope with high throughput and large baggage
  • The right entrance for the right area (landside and airside)
  • Easy integration with most access control systems
  • Combat piggybacking and tailgating
  • Opportunity to ‘Level Up’ where it counts the most to you – in security, safety or aesthetics.
  • Rapid technical trouble-shooting for reduced downtime
  • Safe and comfortable for a pleasant user experience
  • Built to last
  • Collaboration with an entry expert from project conception to installation and beyond into service and maintenance

Boon Edam has worked with several airports and airlines to create solutions that improve the different processes at the airport. Based on the engineering quality of our premium, products, these solutions combine an innovative approach to passenger management and passenger experience issues with proven and reliable technology.

Protecting Both Land and Airside

Some areas of an airport have to be more protected than others. High security doors and portals can help to control unauthorised access to these areas on the airside (such as employee-only sections). Boon Edam’s product can easily integrate with an array of access control devices to ensure not only access control but also elevate security breaches such as piggybacking and tailgating.

On the landside of an airport, the entrance requirements are somewhat different where, for example, lounges can be kept secure using security speed gates and take the pressure of security personnel. Another consideration is to ‘Level Up’ on your security features, when fine-tuning your entrance solution, include features such as blast-resistant glass or reinforced frames in the event of an attack. The key to successful airport security is a layered approach, and sophisticated technology within both doors and security lanes is fundamental to an effective overall solution.  

Thanks to our global distribution network, extensive maintenance and repairs services, and sales offerings across the world, we can ensure that your global entrance needs are met no matter where your airport is based.

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