Corporate Headquarters

Welcome and Secure at Work

Corporate headquarters require a variety of solutions at their entrances and exits to ensure that the only people entering the building are those who are supposed to be there. Security of rented properties, single-company buildings, and large multi-tenant buildings can all benefit from security entrances to help keep employees safe and properly accounted for.

The entrance to your company is so much more than a simple door or gate. It is also the first touchpoint for your customers and visitors and where they will make their first impressions of your business. It is also the point where your hard-working staff will be coming in and out every day. Many factors need to be taken into consideration from the required level of security to aesthetics and installation.



Physical Security at Standalone Buildings

When your business inhabits an entire building, security at the entrance is of paramount importance. Security entrances such as turnstiles help to control crowds during peak traffic times and can be configured with access control to require credentials to be presented and authorised. Security entrances can be supplemented with a guard for added oversight and to prevent passback of credentials. Installing security entrances can help protect employees working within the facility from volatile situations and potentially limit the impact to the lobby, where authorities can more readily respond and deal with any problems or threats.


Functionality is important, but you also want your company’s entrance to be visually appealing while also matching the style of your brand and organisation.

If you want to achieve a sophisticated modern look, adapting and using the latest entrance technology, such as the use of biometrics, is a great way to achieve this. Alternatively, a speed gate or revolving door can help give off a clean, minimalistic look to your building.

Privacy also plays a role when it comes to the aesthetic of your corporate entrance. Do you want a large, transparent entrance that will allow passers-by and potential customers to look into your building from the outside, or do you require a smaller, more private, entryway?

The Benefits of a Boon Edam Corporate Entrance

  • Premium material and attention to detail
  • Achieving a balance of a welcome and secure entrance
  • Creating lasting first impressions that fit with your brand
  • Easy integration with most access control systems
  • Combat piggybacking and tailgating
  • Opportunity to ‘Level Up’ where it counts the most to you – in security, safety or aesthetics.
  • Rapid technical trouble-shooting for reduced downtime
  • Safe and comfortable for a pleasant user experience
  • Built to last
  • Collaboration with an entry expert from project conception to installation and beyond into service and maintenance

Boon Edam is proud to offer high security portals, turnstiles and security revolving doors and speed gates that have stood the test of time. Our entrance portfolio also includes some of the world’s most impressive architectural revolving doors – providing inspiring and often dramatic first impressions for decades.

Access for All

Finally, you want to ensure that your entryways are as accessible for as many people as possible, especially for people with disabilities. The Equal Rights Act 2010 says businesses should make reasonable adjustments to provide access to those that are disabled.

Being access friendly should come naturally if one of your staff is disabled, but ensuring your entrances are easy to access, regardless, will help show your company is disability-friendly. Also, you never know who your next potential customer or client is, but if they cannot even access your building, then it is simply a missed opportunity.

Thanks to our global distribution network, extensive maintenance and repairs services, and sales offerings across the world, we can ensure that your global entrance needs are met no matter where your corporate HQ is based.

Valuable Case Studies

Find out more on how you can Protect your corporate headquarter on our blog. Alternatively, get in touch with our team of entry experts today to discuss the requirements for your corporate headquarters. We are standing by to collaborate.

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