Education – School Safety and Security

Today's universities face many challenges related to facility operations and security. Educational colleges can be located in both urban and remote locations and are generally open to the public, especially in common areas. 

Keeping Staff and Students Safe and Secure

At least 25% of the student population changes every autumn, as new students enrol and come on board. This turnaround of new faces requires a recurring orientation program which teaches the students all they need to know about campus navigation, safe conduct, and how they can personally help save energy – as well as how to be good, overall ambassadors of their chosen campus.


School Safety and Security: Challenges and Opportunities

The school security team is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of both staff and students. They can be found both in close quarters, such as residence halls and classrooms, as well as spread out among larger areas, like athletic stadiums, gymnasiums and quads. Every physical building on a campus has high-value assets and differing layouts, depending on their intended use, which presents its own challenges and opportunities.

The school security team has access to and uses many entry solutions, such as revolving doors - which not only save energy but also secure certain entrances, protecting people and property. Speedgates are often placed within the entrance of libraries, archives, residence halls, recreational facilities, and dining halls to carefully and securely control the traffic flow. Sports stadiums, on the other hand, often use full-height and waist-high turnstiles to control access through specific entrances and exits.

The Right Solution for Each School Building

At Boon Edam, we offer a complete product range and can advise you on the best safety and security solution for every college area. We understand that student turnover requires solutions that are easy to use every day, and we can work with you to determine the best possible option to meet the desired security level and/or capacity needs.

Security entrances are immune to social engineering, treating every user with the same level of scrutiny. They cannot be distracted, nor can they be fooled by clothing, a clipboard, or a confident smile - which is where a human sometimes falls short. Once a security entrance has been installed, it is easy to gain access to an accurate recording of who has entered or exited, via integration with an access control system: no more clipboards and manual sign-in sheets. Also, it can accurately count people, or in the case of speedgates, can even count tailgating alarms, gaining insight into “hotspots” of infiltration activity that can be addressed at a later stage - or as part of your future security strategy.

The Benefits of a Boon Edam Educational Campus Entrance

  • Premium materials built to last
  • Achieving a balance of a welcome and secure entrance
  • Peace-of-mind for all inside the building, creating a healthy learning environment
  • Easy integration with most access control and building management systems
  • Relieve security and guard staff, and replace them in some cases (cost-saving)
  • Opportunity to ‘Level Up’ where it counts the most to you – in security, safety or aesthetics
  • Rapid technical troubleshooting for reduced downtime
  • Safe, easy evacuation in case of emergency
  • The right protection package can defend against an active shooter incident
  • Collaboration with a dedicated entry expert, from project conception to installation, and beyond into service and maintenance

Boon Edam is proud to offer high security portals, turnstiles, security revolving doors and speedlanes that have stood the test of time. Our entrance portfolio also includes some of the world’s most impressive revolving doors – providing inspiring and often dramatic first impressions for decades.

Access for All

Finally, you want to ensure that your entryways are as accessible for as many people as possible, especially for people with disabilities. The Equal Rights Act 2010 says businesses should make reasonable adjustments to provide access to those that are disabled.

Being access friendly should come naturally if one of your staff or learners is disabled. It is your responsibility to ensure your entrances are easy to access, regardless. Also, you never know who your next potential visitor or student is, but if they cannot even access your building, then it is a missed opportunity for now or down the line.

Valuable Case Studies

Download a compilation of university case studies to discover what challenges led universities to look for a better physical security plan, how entrances came into the picture, and what benefits were achieved as a result of our deployment. We also have an interesting interview for you to watch on our installation at Utrecht University’s Viktor J. Koningsbergergebouw facility.

Get in touch with our team of entry experts today to discuss the requirements for your educational facility. We are standing by to collaborate.

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