The First Step to Recovery

Seeing the entry to a healthcare facility brings out a wide variety of feelings to the visitor: apprehension about what awaits them; pain and discomfort at their illness but also hope for a healthier and better future and relief at getting treatment for their affliction. The entry as a mobility hotspot is the gateway to recovery and can play a strong supporting role in managing the feelings and expectations of those entering the healthcare facility by inspiring confidence, offering hope and setting visitors at ease.

Personal Safety and Security

Besides a comfortable inside climate and a good design, the personal safety and security of visitors is the main concern when creating the entry to a healthcare facility. A large part of those entering a healthcare facility have special needs or are wheelchair bound. Ensuring everyone can easily and comfortably access the building is a key aspect in the design of a good entry. Boon Edam high capacity revolving doors are available in a variety of sizes and configurations. The larger segments of a Duotour or Tournex allow comfortable access to wheelchairs and prams, while the configuration of the Twintour even allows straight line access to stretchers and beds.

The versatility of Boon Edam entry solutions in healthcare facilities means that our products can be found in a large number of hospitals and other healthcare facilities, including the Royal Hospital, London, UK and Nagano Central Hospital in Nagano, Japan.

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